Our approach is to understand the valued business, its current and prospective performance, to undertake detailed target due diligence and report in a tailored fashion. Business community, companies and different associations at different stages of its activity may need the following services, which helps adjust it at its best to the market conditions.

  • Tax representative
  • Start up business in Albania
  • Re-assessment of asset means, equipments, buildings
  • Division or merge of companies
  • Liquidation of companies or associations
  • Capital increase (cash or in kind )
  • Merge of companies through purchase or absorption
  • Exit planning
  • Re-organizations
  • Appeals, postponement applications etc.
  • Tax Litigation & Tax Tribunal support services

We also deal with clients on international tax issues arising from cross-border transactions including:

  • Transfer pricing and thin capitalisation
  • Maximizing the benefits of Double Tax Treaties
  • Repatriation of profits