We aim at minimizing your tax burden while ensuring full compliance with the law. Our team can provides a corporate tax planning service that guides you through the minefield of tax rules and regulations in Albania.


For many of our clients we provide assistance in collating your tax information and documents from the business records and preparing computations of all your income and gains and completing the tax return.

  • Tax structuring
  • Withholding tax
  • Due diligence for purchasers, vendors and finance providers
  • Negotiations
  • Valuations, both commercial and tax
  • Preparation of monthly forms for the tax office
    • VAT declarations in Albania,
    • Social and health insurances
    • Tax on personal incomes,
    • Tax on profit,

In the current challenging market, we understand the importance in not only providing historical accounting information, but also the need to provide advice and projections to help our clients develop their business and plan for the future.


As tax legislation is ever changing, we think that it is important to keep our clients up to date with any tax changes introduced and we do this by highlighting the issues that will impact their affairs.

  • Tax Compliance work including the preparation of annual tax returns, advising of any payments on account to be made, reviewing tax codes etc.
  • Advice on tax relief’s available in order to reduce annual tax bills
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • Statement income annual basis in Albania

We are confident that we can help you with any area of your tax affairs.